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JetPros Aircraft Servicing and Maintenance takes pride in providing top-tier aviation maintenance services with a team of highly skilled and certified professionals. Our mechanics hold Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic ratings (A&P), demonstrating their comprehensive expertise in both aircraft structures and engines. What sets us apart is that a significant number of our mechanics also possess Inspection Authorizations (IA), showcasing their ability to perform in-depth inspections and ensure the highest standards of safety and reliability. Beyond our A&P and IA-certified technicians, JetPros employs a dedicated team of engineers who play a crucial role in the repair and maintenance process. These engineers contribute their specialized knowledge to address intricate technical challenges and ensure that the necessary equipment is readily available for each job, reflecting our commitment to excellence in aircraft servicing and maintenance.

Routine Inspections & Checks: Our comprehensive aircraft maintenance services include routine inspections to assess the overall health of the aircraft. This involves thorough examinations of crucial components, systems, and structures to identify and address any potential issues before they escalate.

Scheduled Maintenance Programs: Jet Pros offers customized scheduled maintenance programs tailored to the specific needs of each aircraft. These programs ensure that routine maintenance tasks are conducted at optimal intervals, enhancing the longevity and performance of the aircraft.

Engine Overhauls and Repairs: Our team of A&P-certified mechanics specializes in engine diagnostics, repairs, and overhauls. From addressing minor issues to conducting major engine overhauls, we ensure that the heart of your aircraft operates at peak efficiency.

Avionics Upgrades and Installations: Stay at the forefront of technology with our avionics services. We offer upgrades to the latest avionics systems, as well as installations of new equipment, ensuring that your aircraft is equipped with cutting-edge technology for improved safety and efficiency.

Structural Repairs and Modifications: Jet Pros is equipped to handle a wide range of structural repairs and modifications. Whether it’s repairing damage from wear and tear or implementing structural enhancements for improved performance, our team ensures the structural integrity of your aircraft.

Emergency Repairs and AOG Support: Recognizing that unexpected issues can arise, our team is available for emergency repairs and Aircraft on Ground (AOG) support. We prioritize rapid response times to minimize downtime, getting your aircraft back in the air safely and efficiently.

FAQs: Maintenance + Repair

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We routinely work on everything from light sport airplanes to large corporate jets capable of flying anywhere in the world.

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Yes! All of our mechanics have airframe and powerplant mechanic ratings (A&P). Several of our mechanics have inspection authorizations (IA). Additionally, some of our mechanics complete factory training courses for specific types of aircraft.

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Absolutely! Fill out our service request form below to get in contact with us!

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We stand behind our work and will always do whatever necessary to meet customer satisfaction. We guarantee the highest level of safety and professionalism with our work and if we are unable to do a job well, we will tell you before we start as to not leave you in a worse position than when you came to us.

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